Sponsoring A Chapter


Sponsoring a Local Sigma Kappa Delta Chapter is Easy

The national office takes some of the sting out of sponsoring an SKD chapter. SKD minimizes paperwork. We require one year-end chapter update. That's it!

We are always looking for ways to help make your work easier so you can enjoy the students and the benefits of sponsorship.

  • If possible, have a co-advisor (or two) to help divide the duties.

  • Recruit new members once a year by requesting a printout of all eligible students from the Registrar.

  • Send letters of invitation to all eligible students, and set a deadline for payment of dues.

  • Let SKD members help with the recruitment mailing, induction ceremony, and other tasks.

  • Set your membership fee higher than the national fee of $30 so that your chapter retains a portion of the dues for local activities and/or attending con