SKD Photography Awards

SKD Black and White Photography Guidelines and Submission Links

*Postmark Deadline for Photography Entries – November 15, 2022*
Submissions are accepted from active ΣΚΔ members only.*
Each member may submit up to three photographs. Each electronic entry must be submitted separately. Three 5x7 glossy prints of each entry must be mailed to: SKD National Office, Calhoun Community College, POB 2216, Decatur, AL 35609. Failure to mail three 5x7 glossy prints to the SKD National Office will result in disqualification. 

Click here to submit electronic photography entries (August 1 - November 15, 2022).

Submission Guidelines:
  • Black and white photographs should be submitted via electronic copy and glossy print.
  • Submissions must be saved as jpegs (.jpg) and not exceed 2MB per file.
  • Three 5 x 7 glossy prints of each photo must be submitted. Write the photograph title on the back of the photo.
  • Photos with borders will be disqualified.
  • No signature, stamp, or any other identifying mark is allowed anywhere on the entry.
  • By signing the electronic waiver, the member is confirming that all images are original and were taken by the person submitting; all rights to the photo must be the property of the person submitting the photo.
Photography Rubric: