Recruiting Members

  • Advisor/Faculty Referral: Face-to-Face Invitation
    • Most of our advisors are English/Language Arts/Literature professors. This allows them to find individuals who have an “avid” interest in our core subject. Asking in the classroom and hand-delivering applications to prospective members adds a personal touch to invitations.
    • Since our membership is limited to (usually) two-years, do not leave out “potential” candidates: those who are not eligible to join YET because of too few classes, etc. Encourage those students to attend meetings and join chapter activities. While they cannot apply for scholarships or awards on a national level, you will have them hooked, and they may join as soon as they are eligible, providing some student continuity to your chapter.
    • Starting in 2017, the National Board approved the purchase of recruiting buttons. Advisors may request these “Ask Me About SKD” reusable buttons at no cost to the chapter to a