Membership in Sigma Kappa Delta is by invitation, extended through a local chapter on behalf of the organization. Students who qualify for membership must apply through the chapter on their campus. (See chapter directory for colleges and universities.) Once a student contacts the local chapter, the advisor will check the qualifications and recommend that student for membership.


Membership in SKD is open to two-year college students of any major who meet the following criteria:

  • Are enrolled in a two-year college with an active SKD Chapter (see the Chapter Directory)

  • Have completed a minimum of one college level course in English language or literature (excluding developmental or remedial courses)

  • Have earned a grade of “B” or better in English classes

  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in general scholarship

  • Have completed at least one semester or two quarters of college course work for a cumulative of twelve semester hours

Memberships can be mailed in using the membership form or ordered through the SKD online store

Membership under Special Circumstances

  • Students Who Retake Courses - Students who fail to meet the basic requirements because of poor English grades and who retake those courses may replace the lower grades with the higher grades when considering eligibility.

  • Dual Enrollment Students - Dual Enrollment / Dual Credit programs allow eligible high school students to enroll in college courses for both high school and college credit. These classes may be taken at the college, at the high school, or online. Once they meet the required criteria for membership detailed above, they may join SKD, whether or not they have graduated high school.

  • Provisional Members and Potential Members - SKD National encourages advisors to invite potential members to participate in chapter activities until they have met the criteria to join officially, at which time they may attend the convention and compete for SKD
    scholarships and awards.

  • Honorary Memberships - Advisors are highly encouraged to thank faculty, staff, and administrators for their support of the local SKD Chapter with an honorary membership. Honorary members are authorized to wear the graduation honor cords and lapel pin.

Membership Fee

Local chapter dues may vary, but each new member pays a lifetime national membership fee of $30.

​​When a student transfers to another community college, their membership in National SKD also transfers. When a student transfers to a four-year university, membership in SKD DOES NOT make them eligible to join our sister organization, Sigma Tau Delta, nor is any portion of their membership fee in Sigma Tau Delta waived.

Sigma Tau Delta is the international English honor society for students in four year colleges. Membership in Sigma Kappa Delta does not guarantee membership in Sigma Tau Delta. For further information, contact: Natasha McPartlin, Director of Society Operations at or visit the STD website at

Memberships can be mailed in using the membership form or ordered through the SKD online store

The English Honor Society for High Schools

The National English Honor Society (NEHS) serves high school students and English teachers by providing, on the secondary level, many of the same benefits that Sigma Tau Delta and Sigma Kappa Delta provide for students in two and four-year colleges and universities--national recognition, scholarships and awards, writing opportunities, and networking with others who share enthusiasm for, and accomplishment in, the language arts.

For further information, visit the NEHS website at or contact NEHS.

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