Recruiting Members

  • Advisor/Faculty Referral: Face-to-Face Invitation

    • Most of our advisors are English/Language Arts/Literature professors. This allows them to find individuals who have an “avid” interest in our core subject. Asking in the classroom and hand-delivering applications to prospective members adds a personal touch to invitations.

    • Since our membership is limited to (usually) two-years, do not leave out “potential” candidates: those who are not eligible to join YET because of too few classes, etc. Encourage those students to attend meetings and join chapter activities. While they cannot apply for scholarships or awards on a national level, you will have them hooked, and they may join as soon as they are eligible, providing some student continuity to your chapter.

    • Starting in 2017, the National Board approved the purchase of recruiting buttons. Advisors may request these “Ask Me About SKD” reusable buttons at no cost to the chapter to assist in getting the word out about SKD.  To receive a supply of these buttons, please send an email to specifically requesting the number of buttons your chapter would like. We recommend advisors distribute them to fellow faculty members who can answer questions about SKD and provide materials on how to contact the chapter for membership. 

  • Registrar/Student Records

    • Ask your college registrar or student records to print a list of all student eligible by GPA to join. Send a letter (example located on page 24 of this booklet) to those students.

  • By Letter

    • Many chapters hold an afternoon “recruiting day” party. The chapter buys snacks, and members spend the afternoon attaching student home address labels (printed by the registrar) and stuffing envelopes for mailing.

  • By Email

    • Take the chapter and spend the afternoon in a computer lab on campus. Prepare an email invitation that the membership can “copy and paste” onto an email to eligible students.

  • Recruiting materials, including bookmarks and posters, can be found at These items are free to download. Additionally, you may contact the SKD National Office by telephone or email and request free “ASK Me About SKD” buttons. These brightly-colored 3” buttons can be worn at campus events to advertise the organization. Informational bookmarks can also be purchased from the national office by shopping in our online store.

  • Bulletin Boards and Flyers

    • Appropriate a bulletin board in a highly visible area on campus. Decorate it in the signature ΣΚΔ colors of green and gold. Post pictures and meeting times and locations.

    • Lay flyers and bookmarks in advising areas, the library, the English (or department) secretary’s or administrative assistant’s office, and the cashier’s booth on campus. Make sure your name is very visible throughout campus.

  • Host a campus birthday party for William Shakespeare, host a “Favorite Literary Character” Halloween party, or have an “Open Mic” session in the campus café or library. Use these events—not as fundraisers—but as recruiting tools.

  • Display your charter prominently in the English Department

    • Buy an SKD Banner from the National Office and display it next to the charter.

  • Start a local ΣΚΔ Newsletter

    • Place the newsletters in advising areas, the library, the English (or department) secretary’s or administrative assistant’s office, and the cashier’s booth on campus. Post the newsletters on bulletin boards, foyer areas, and in English classrooms.

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