OCT 14, 2019

Call for SKD Student Panel Submissions

Las Vegas, NV

March 25 - 28, 2020

Convention Theme:  Transformative Landscapes

"Forged in Fire, Wind, and Water"

Through personal essay or response to literary fiction, creative nonfiction, or nonfiction works, students will
discuss how transforming landscapes alter communities, perhaps by strengthening them or by alienating them.

Please pass along to your active SKD members, those currently enrolled in 100/200-level classes in an associate’s degree program. Alumni members are not eligible.

Questions to consider for the personal essay:

  • What does “community” mean to you? Is it an entire city, a neighborhood, or an apartment building?

  • What forces have transformed your community’s landscape(s)? 

    • Natural disaster?

    • Development? (big box stores, shopping plazas, housing developments, etc.)

    • Corporate expansion?

  • What occurred during the transformation? 

    • What had been the landscape? 

    • Do not limit yourself to a description of physical features only. Consider the emotional and communal associations with the landscape.

  • What have been the consequences of the transformation?

    • What has the landscape become? 

    • How have the emotional and communal associations changed with the landscape’s transformation?


*The transformation and its effects do not have to be negative. For example, natural disasters are devastating; otherwise, we would not call them “disasters.” They do often lead, however, to positive outcomes, like an increased sense of community and belonging as people unite to help one another.

*Include specific details and vivid word choice in your abstract so that the judges have a strong sense of the final
presentation’s content.

The chapter advisor must submit the following to the Sigma Kappa Delta national office at with the subject line “SKD Panel Submission”:

1.) An abstract (paragraph) covering the key points of the presentation.

2.) Student email address


Deadline: October 14, 2019

All submissions will be judged anonymously. The top four students will be announced by October 24, 2019, and must attend the convention in Las Vegas, March 25-28, 2020.

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